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Another Teaser!

So, London Fashion Week officially begins tomorrow, and, between watching the New York shows and getting ready for my own, I haven't had time to do much of anything, let alone blog D:

So, since you have all been so patient, another teaser from the program!

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Fashion Week Teaser

So! I apologize for my lack of updates -- but, as all of you know, I have a show during London Fashion Week quickly approaching. As penance, I've put a little teaser of my program for the show behind the cut!

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Just a Valentine's Day Warning

A warning to all of you guys out there:

Marissa! :D

Mean Girls

Yes, ladies, its true. I can finally confirm that all men that aren't our dads are clueless. I mean, painfully, disgustingly clueless.

I was sitting on the couch tonight with Lauren* and Gregory* (names have been changed to protect the innocent and the clueless), and, well, the fit (very subtly) hit the shan...click the cut, chicas:


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I  was asked to create a twisted, modern "Alice in Wonderland" for a group of friends including novellist A.M. Breckenridge (who herself would don the role of Alice) for a Guy Fawkes Day ball in Derbyshire. This was my mock up for "Aly in Wonderland" (full view, please!):